Money-Pal Invoice Starter

Money-Pal Invoice StarterWhat is Money-Pal Invoice?
Money-Pal Invoice is an Invoice program for individuals to help manage up to 20 debtors.
Money-Pal Invoice also functions as a server and can be accessed with a browser. This means that it can be accessed with a pc, laptop, tablet and smartphone running other operating systems. You can generate an invoice at your client and send it via email.
To access Money-Pal Invoice over the internet requires an internet connection – preferably ADSL or faster.

It can be installed on your Windows home computer (Windows Vista or later, Windows Server 2003 or later).
It can be used by a single user, on a local area network at your home or business, connected via a computer, smartphone or tablet.
It supports a vast number of smartphones, tablets, computers and notebooks. Virtually any device that can run any of the major browsers in the world (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera), can connect and access Money-Pal Invoice remotely. No additional app has to be installed on your mobile device to access Money-pal Invoice.
It can be used from different locations in the world via the internet, using any smartphone, tablet or computer.
It has powerful security features like login and a robust database.
It works with multiple currencies.
Generate Estimates (quotes) and Invoices
Manage Payments and Credits through PayPal or manually
It provides Age Analysis
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