Morgan Multimedia MJPEG Codec

Morgan Multimedia MJPEG CodecPlayback hardware M-JPEG AVI files (Rainbow Runner, DC30, Buz, …) without the specific hardware codec. Realtime software M-JPEG compression on capture cards that does not perform hardware compression (ATI All In Wonder Pro,Hauppauge WinTV, Miro PCTV, …). Video Editing of M-JPEG projects without the specific hardware codec. Software M-JPEG AVI files can be played back by hardware codecs (Rainbow Runner, Buz, …). Win9x, WinNT, Video for Windows, ActiveMovie & DirectShow, Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio compliant. MMX and 3DNow! optimized. DirectDraw YUV accelarated overlay output supported (YUY2, UYVY, …). Most of the M-JPEG formats supported (4:2:2, 4:1:1, 4:2:0, MJPG, dmb1, jpeg). New in V2 : Better decompression quality in ‘Fast Integer + MMX’ mode. Better YUV to RGB color conversion for decompression in ‘Fast Integer + MMX’ mode. A lot faster decompression speed without any quality loss in ‘Fast Integer + MMX’ mode. SMP support for decompression in ‘Fast Integer + MMX’ mode. Some bug fixes and improvements in compression core. DirectShow filters (Decoder/Encoder). One field (Half width/Half height) decompression option (DirectShow filter/YUY2 mode only). Common .inf installation file for all Windows versions (9x/me/NT4/2K). OEM logo, text, URL and seamless installation capabilities.
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