Namo FreeMotion 2006 English ESD Upgrade

Namo FreeMotion 2006 English ESD UpgradeNamo FreeMotion 2006 is a powerful tool for authoring professional-quality Flash content. It supports shape design, rich format text editing, movie clip and button creation, general or guided motion tweening, mask layers, streaming sounds, and event sounds. Besides using the built-in shape tools, you can also import other popular vector formats including AI, SVG and WMF/EMF and use them in Namo FreeMotion 2006.
Namo FreeMotion 2006 also provides a professional ActionScript 2.0 editor which can helps users write ActionScript directly, with powerful features such as syntax highlighting, auto member list, and parameter information and auto code completion.
Start Quickly
Animate your imagination! Whether starting from scratch or from existing movies, images, or sounds, with Namo FreeMotion you will get your Flash animation started fast.
Edit Powerfully
Empower your creativity with FreeMotion’s editing tools, whether you are making simple banners or full-featured movies.
Publish Flexibly
Share your message easily using Namo FreeMotion’s flexible publishing options, whether you show your movie to a single department or the entire Internet.
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