Namo FreeMotion 2008 Eng ESD Full

Namo FreeMotion 2008 Eng ESD FullThe Ultimate Flash Animation Solution
Creating Flash movies, animations and effects has never been this quick, easy and fun! With various preset animation effects, templates, tools and wizards, the flash creation is only a matter of a few clicks, simple enough for beginners. And with ActionScript 2.0 editor, which includes automatic code completion, parameter information, automatic member registration and more, it is truly powerful enough to satisfy any flash professionals.

Import and export any SWF files, to either create your own animation movies or to simply edit the existing to add your originality to it!
What’s New and Improved in Namo FreeMotion 2008
Here is the improvements we achieved with the new version!
Shape Tween and Image Tween Animation added to make objects or images transform and deform from one shape to another!
A number of drawing tools added such as Selection tool, Lasso tool, Brush tool, Eraser tool and more, to improve the precision of your drawing work!
More frame management tools such as cross-layer frame selection and moving, and onion skin!
Save a movie from FireFox, not just from Internet Explorer browser!
Create Flash video file (.FLV)!
…and a lot more!
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