Namo PubTreeEditor-Home Edition

Namo PubTreeEditor-Home EditionMain Features
PubTree is EPUB3 eBook publishing solution that creates professional eBook content including eTextbooks, eMagazines, eBrochures and more. Unlike existing publishing tools, PubTree Editor is an HTML5 and CSS3 compatible solution optimized for multimedia and interactive eBook publishing.
Support International Standard EPUB3/EPUB2(Android / iOS) and Mobi (Kindle)
With PubtreeEditor, you can create simple eBooks with text and images, or you can take advantage of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create interactive, multimedia EPUB3/Mobi eBooks. PubtreeEditor lets you create magazines, childrens books and textbooks without great cost or difficulty
You can create specialty eBooks like textbook, magazine, cookbook and more by inserting various image tools(galleries, clipart, animation and more) and multimedia files(Video, audio, animation and more).
Create specialty eBooks(eTextbook, magazine, children’s books, study guide , etc) with fixed layout
Using fixed layouts allows you to create eBooks where the precise layout and design are of great importance, such as digital textbooks, magazines, childrens books and study guides. In the fixed layout, you can preserve font, size, format, layout and more to show exact design which you created for your eBook to the readers
Insert HTML5 based equations, shapes and charts
You can use MathML(Mathematical Markup Language) to insert complex equations as text. You can also use the HLMT5 canvas tag to draw shapes like circles and squares. By inserting equations, shapes and charts, you can create educational eBooks like math textbooks and study guides.
Create vivid text and animation effects with CSS3
Without using any special graphics editing tools, you can decorate text with backgrounds, shadows and gradients, and set the direction for text inserted in a textbox. You can also make your eBooks more lively by applying a variety of animation effects such as flip, fade and emphasize.
Create interactive quizzes for your textbook and study guides
Using JavaScript and form fields, PubtreeEditor comes with various quiz question templates. Simply create various types of tests such as true/false, short answer, fill-in-the blank, multiple choice, and matching. Edit the questions and specify the answers, instructions and hints to create interactive quizzes for you textbook
Create Digital magazines with Image Gallery
You can create image galleries in your eBooks to display inserted images. Select an image gallery template which features thumbnails, scrolling or original images.
Insert Video, Audio and more to create a multimedia eBooks
PubtreeEditor allows you to insert audio and video files according to the EPUB3 standard to create multimedia content.
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