Namo WebCanvas 2006 English ESD Full

Namo WebCanvas 2006 English ESD FullNamo WebCanvas 2006 is a vector-based Web graphic drawing tool optimized for use with Namo WebEditor, making it easy to create and manage all graphic resources in a unified environment. Namo WebCanvas helps you create attractive, fast-downloading graphic images. It fully supports the SVG file format, allowing preview of SVG files in a Web browser and export images in a variety of file formats.
Namo WebCanvas 2006 now offers more abundant graphic work resources and enhanced compatibilities.
Draw Anything
If you can imagine it, you can draw it with Namo WebCanvas. Familiar pen and polygon tools let you easily draw any shape, no matter how complex. Use layers to manage paths and simplify your work.
Sufficient Web component library
Get Creative with Text
Put text on a curver? No problem. Then convert your text into paths and get really creative with it.
Create Dazzling Effects
Use clipping masks to blend drawing objects or blend an object with a bitmap image. The possiblities are endless.
Make RollOvers The Easy Way
Namo WebCanvas’s unique Sheets feature makes it a snap to create rollover buttons that integrate perfectly with Namo WebEditor’s navigation bars. Creating rollover effects has never been easier.
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