NETMOMMYNetMommy is perhaps the best parental control on the market today. It is embedded with an artificial intelligence engine which enables it to tackle and block websites and serve as an effective porn blocker, it also serves as an effectively serve as a child protection and social media management application. In addition to being an effective website blocker, it allows you to set the level of restriction from mild to severe, so that you can decide how stringent the restrictions should be. Social media regulation is state of the art, the parent has the power to decide the total number of hours of social media time allowed per day, or to decide the time segments during which social media is allowed. And best of all, there are no annual subscription fees, and it does not depend on some remote server, everything is on your own computer, you do not have to entrust your incoming and outgoing data to some anonymous faceless corporation. Everything happens on your computer, and you are in charge the whole time. For all practical purposes it is impossible for the child to uninstall the software. The publisher strongly advises parents to write down the admin password and username in a safe place to make sure you do not lose access to the admin panel. NetMommy’s motto is to empower parents and thereby protect children. Compare with Netnanny and other softwares before you buy. You will like what you see! The publisher gives a free 7 day trial after which you could pay a one time fee of $27.00 to activate your lifetime license.
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