Network license for 2D Frame Analysis Static Edition

Network license for 2D Frame Analysis Static EditionANALYSIS: Use of highly flexible, general, finite element method Static analysis of multi span beams, 2D trusses and 2D frames Unlimited number of Nodes and Beams 3 Degrees of freedom per Node, 6 per Beam Supports all major measure units All type of boundary conditions (fixed, rollers, etc.) Translational and rotational spring supports Initial displacement and speed conditions Extremely easy model creation, no need to first define nodes and then elements, nodes are produced automatically Consideration of thermal loads PRE-PROCESSING: Top quality graphics rendering Full GUI including zoom, pan, grid, snap options Every user action can be done graphically at real time Immediate switch to other measure units Easy model creation (members, loads, supports etc) in a user friendly environment with many graphical features Embedded library with major steel section shapes Definition of custom beam sections Embedded library with major materials (wood, steel, concrete) Definition of custom materials Easy and fast modification of the material properties End release option at specified degrees of freedom (all types of end releases are supported) Quick apply vertical and horizontal distributed loads on elements Application of time dependent loads at each time step graphically POST-PROCESSING: Calculation and drawing of the deformed shape of the given model Analytical view of the results of analysis, the geometry, the static model, the loads etc. Drawing of axial – shear force diagrams and bending moment diagram Scaling to above diagrams and the deformed model interactively Internal forces calculation at each location along the members Stress calculation at the top and bottom fiber along each member Drawing axial – shear force and bending moment diagrams at each time step Drawing of deformed shape at each time step High quality analysis reports with all analysis results, including stress, internal forces and displacements diagrams, as well as drawings of the static model, its deformed shape and the axial-shear forces and moment diagrams Analysis report can be exported to pdf, rtf, xls and xml formats or it can be directly be printed All model data are exported to access database
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Summary: real time, 3 Degrees

Concepts: Force, Fundamental physics concepts, Torque, Beam, Classical mechanics, Second moment of area, Technical drawing, Finite element method

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Tags: moment diagrams Analysis, time dependent loads, method Static analysis, horizontal distributed loads, shear force diagrams, moment diagram Scaling, major measure units, multi span beams, units Easy model, Internal forces calculation, custom beam sections, model Analytical view, High quality analysis, major steel section, custom materials Easy, user friendly environment, finite element, Finite element methodCategories, static model, real time, Fundamental physics concepts, thermal loads, displacements diagrams, Beam Supports, define nodes, model data, Unlimited number, boundary conditions, analysis results, member Drawing, rotational spring, axial-shear forces, Technical drawing, major materials, speed conditions, quality graphics, user action, Initial displacement, end releases, material properties, elements Application, xml formats, fast modification, graphical features, entertainment/visual art, Classical mechanics, shape, freedom

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