NextInspector6 is a powerful and completely new Object Inspector component with classic style (normal style) and enhanced styles where Windows 10, MS Office 2016 and VCL (Delphi) styles are fully supported!
It is very easy to use it in both design-time (with intuitive Items editor) and in run-time like using TreeView.
Main Features
Powerful Object Inspector component
About 20 different Item Types and more planned!
Modern (XP, 7, 8, Windows 10, MS Office, MS Visual Studio) and Classic style
Support Office color schemes via NxColorScheme component
Very easy to use and learn in design time and run time
Powerful and intuitive Items Editor
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Summary: Windows 10, MS Office, MS Office, Editor, NxColorScheme

Concepts: Microsoft, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 6, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office

/art and entertainment/visual art and design/design
/technology and computing/operating systems/windows
/technology and computing/programming languages/java

Tags: Object Inspector component, MS Office, new Object Inspector, Powerful Object Inspector, intuitive Items, intuitive Items editor, classic style, intuitive Items EditorSummary, different Item Types, Office color schemes, MS Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Internet Explorer, normal style, enhanced styles, Main Features, Windows NT, Windows Mobile, NxColorScheme component, entertainment/visual art, computing/programming languages/java, Microsoft OfficeCategories, design time, /art, TreeView, VCL, Delphi, NextInspector6, Support

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