NiceAlarmNiceAlarm – the most powerful and easy-to-use Symbian OS alarm. Only with it you can select any music tone for every alarm you setup, specify deactivation code to avoid oversleeping, personalize iteration quantity and timeout, add alarm text notes, adjust notification and even more! Don’t miss this pretty wake up helper. Now with touch interface support. NiceAlarm features Six alarm types; Alarms filtering; Vibration option; Sound folders selection; Standard/Stand-by alarms; Alarm text messages support; Extended customization options; Alarm optional deactivation code support; Minimal server part among similar applications; Extended sound support (tone selection/random tone). Try NiceAlarm by yourself to explore all possibilities and alarm functionality improvements. Detailed description of every function can be found in the User’s Manual. Compatibility. System requirements Application requires up to 500kb of ROM to install and up to 100 kb of RAM to operate. Symbian OS v.9.1 UI S60 v.3.0 Nokia 3250 Nokia 5500 Nokia N71 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N80 Nokia N91 Nokia N92 Nokia N93 Nokia N93i Nokia E50 Nokia E60 Nokia E61 Nokia E61i Nokia E62 Nokia E65 Nokia E70 Nokia N77 Samsung i400 Symbian OS v.9.2 UI S60 v.3.1 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6290 Nokia N76 Nokia N95 LG KS10 Nokia 5700 Nokia 6120 Nokia 6121 Nokia 6124 Nokia N81 Nokia N81 8gb Nokia N95 8gb Nokia N82 Nokia E51 Nokia E90 Nokia E71 Samsung G810 Samsung i450 Samsung i520 Samsung i550 Samsung i560 LG KT610 Nokia E66 Nokia E63 Symbian OS v.9.3 UI S60 v.3.2 Nokia 6210 Nokia 6220 Nokia N78 Nokia N96 Nokia N79 Nokia N85 Nokia 5320 Samsung L870 Samsung i8510 Samsung i7110 Nokia 5630 Nokia 5730 Nokia 6650 Nokia 6720 Nokia E52 Nokia E75 Nokia N86 Nokia 6710 Nokia 6730 Nokia 6760 Nokia E55 Nokia E72 Symbian OS v.9.5 UI S60 v.5.0 Nokia 5800 Nokia N97 Nokia 5530 Samsung i8910 SonyEricsson Satio Nokia N97 mini Nokia X6 Please, always try applications BEFORE buy. Installation Transfer the downloaded "NiceAlarm_v.1.7.sis" file to your mobile handheld; Open folder where it was stored. ("Inbox", by default); Start and complete installation dialog; Start the application. User Guides Download User’s Manual (zip: 490 kb / pdf: 506 kb) English language. Localization NiceAlarm interface supports next languages: English Russian Additional localization patches can be found at VerySoft Forum. Trial period Trial period is limited to 7 days with no additional restrictions. Technical Support VerySoft Support Team is always ready to assist you with any question concerning software products. To force obtaining necessary information please follow the advices from the Support page. FAQ and Discussion NiceAlarm has a separate thread in VerySoft Forum. Visit it to access friendly community, find FAQ and share your opinion.
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