NotiViewHi my friends! As soon as I understood that XML notifications present more useful information than ordinary text e-mails, I switched to them. Moreover, I needed to know what key files are sent out to customers by online keygenerators, and this feature is only available with XML. First I used an ordinary XML viewer, but I found it inconvenient – there is too much unimportant information there. I only needed the basic info: who bought the program, how much he paid and what key file he received. So I created a program for myself to extract this information. Now I decided that it might be useful to somebody else. Here is the list of main features:
You can quickly browse through all notifications in a certain folder.
One click and the general info is available to you – customer name, e-mail, purchase date, accounting info, your net profit and so on. No useless info at all.
You can view and save the key file, which was sent to the customer. This may be useful if you have a database of registered users and need to know their reg. numbers or if a user lost his key and you want to resend the old one instead of creating a new one.
Trial version is also available, please visit if you need further details.
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