Outlook Attachment Sniffer

Outlook Attachment SnifferOutlook Attachment Sniffer is a powerful Outlook Add-In, which allows you to deal with specific tasks on e-mails, either on selected e-mails or on complete Outlook folders.

You can export specific (or all) attachments to disk, export e-mails to disk, copy or move e-mails to other Outlook folders by automatically creating subfolders depending on the e-mail’s data (sender, recipient and so on), and some other stuff.


integrated in Outlook as an Add-In
without security warnings and without blocking by Outlook
filter the emails to process (sender, recipient, subject, date, attachments)
export attachments from a folder (with and without subfolders) to your hard disk in one go
inspect MSG-attachments recursively for attachments inside the MSG-file
remove the attachments or replace them with links to the exported file
copy/move emails to another Outlook folder with and without auto-creation of subfolders depending on the email’s data (sender, recipient, subject…)
export emails to disk (TXT, HTM, MSG, EML, RTF, MHT). The program can log the export, if you wish to import the data into a database.


Outlook 2002 – Outlook 2010 (32/64bit)
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