OxyFile PRO

OxyFile PROOxyFile allows to manage all the phone files from Nokia phones, Symbian OS and Windows Mobile based smartphones and Blackberry devices with the help of PC easily. The program reads full information from all drives of your phone, downloads images, melodies, video, documents, applications, adds new (in version Pro only), saves on PC in various formats. Viewing images, playing tones and videos is naturally implemented in the program. The program has its own picture viewer with resizing manipulations and navigation tools. OxyFile offers several convenient views for showing data: icons, thumbnails and details. You may switch into a tree-like interface where all your files and folders will be shown conveniently and clearly. This version works with more than 1000 mobile devices: Nokia mobile phones and smartphones, Sony Ericsson mobile phones and smartphones, Windows Mobile 5/6 smartphones and communicators, BlackBerry, Motorola and Samsung smartphones.The list of supported models is constantly growing. To get the latest OxyFile version supporting your mobile phone please visit The software works under Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 and supports USB cable, Bluetooth (Microsoft, Widcomm) and infrared connection using IrDA stack.
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