Oxygen Express for Nokia phones (Upgrade from Individual to Family license)

Oxygen Express for Nokia phones (Upgrade from Individual to Family license) Oxygen Express for Nokia phones is a functional tool for backup of phone data onto PC, one-click data recovery to the same or compatible phone and a powerful engine for quick upload to your phone new pictures, wallpapers, ringing tones, music, Java applications and games. Protect yourself against unlucky accidents and optimize entertainment and business facilities with Oxygen Express.
Researches into human behaviour stress the connection between human adaptability to the environment and foresight. In other words, backup against future uncertainties is a natural defence mechanism. Oxygen Express for Nokia Phones offers you a chance to augment your adaptability to the environment. A backup copy of your cell phone content will take one click’s time and it will secure you against any unlucky accident. Oxygen Express for Nokia Phones will see to it that the worst nightmare of any hi-tech world dweller, the loss of contacts, memos, and notes, never comes true. One more click to recover your data and off your worries go! You are back again on the bright side. The program surely stands to its name for the speed with which it backs up and recovers data. Fast data recovery is not the only feature that distinguishes Oxygen Express for Nokia phones. With it, you can also upload multimedia files to your phone. It is just as easy as copying files between your PC folders. Fill your mobile surroundings with new colours and tunes. Add fun and spice with Java applications. Load your mobile photo sessions onto PC so that cherished memories can brighten you up in the future. Oxygen Express will make you appreciate more fully the resources of your cell phone. When you use phone to do business, Oxygen Express will become an extension to your mobile office. All the voice records and snapshots you make during the day, all the messages you sent and get, will be catalogued and stored for future reference.
Mobile technologies got so intertwined into our everyday routine that it often feels like strong dependency. Our programs for cell phone management provide phone holders with tools to actively control the content of their phones. Metaphorically speaking, it is more like a driver that controls hardware performance and not vice versa. Like our other products, Oxygen Express for Nokia phones aims at satisfying both entertainment and business needs of our users. Those who are fond of music and games will find uploading with Oxygen Express fast and easy. Likewise, you can effectively protect yourself from data loss. Providers of customized services can purchase our Oxygen Express Service Center Edition and use it for getting profit from backup copying and personal settings restoration. They will get the advantage of speedy and easy recovery, one of the main features of Oxygen Express.
The main features of Oxygen Express are:
Creates backup of your mobile phone data and recovers it to your Nokia or to any compatible phone when needed.
Uploads multimedia content such as wallpapers, ringing tones and Java games at no additional charge.
Supports over 100 Nokia and Mobiado models. And the list of supported phones is constantly growing!
Supports Infrared, Bluetooth, USB and serial port connections;
High usability and convenience. Oxygen Express automatically searches for phone and when connected you only need to make one mouse click for full backup or restore your phone information and settings.
Supports hot keys and features an intuitively transparent interface.
Oxygen Express Service Center Edition – special Oxygen Express version for Nokia service centers and paid content upload services. This edition guarantees monthly updates to add timely support of all new Nokia models appearing on the market. Oxygen Express SC Edition allows Nokia service centers to get paid for backup and restore phone information and settings when phone needs to be repaired or re-flashed. Oxygen Express SC Edition also allows to easily organize highly profitable content upload service. Unlike other content uploading services requiring payment for each content unit (ringing tone, wallpaper etc), the licensing scheme of Oxygen Express assumes that you may upload to phone as many pictures, melodies and Java applications as you need, you will just pay a small value – single phone service fee.
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