PACE Suite Freelancer

PACE Suite FreelancerPACE Suite enables clients to accelerate and simplify the application packaging process and reduce cost

PACE uncovers the knowledge of experts needed for taking application packaging and virtualization to a new level.
PACE opens the door to:
mobility in application packaging
infrastructure-independent service delivery
spectacular scalability and capacity
automated routine efforts
reduced cost, time and risks

PACE software will enable you to reach decent cost and time savings in application packaging. Besides it will allow your software packaging engineers to focus on more interesting and creative tasks and bring more value to the company.
Available as a comprehensive suite, or sold separately:
Automated Packaging Self Service
Create, edit, and manage MSI packages and App-V sequences from the cloud.
MSI Generator
Create MSI packages in as little as 10 clicks!
MSI Editor
Quickly edit and manage MSI packages.
App-V Generator
Create, edit, and manage App-V sequences.
Docu Generator
Simple and fast tool for creating instructions.
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