Pack of Harrap Dictionaries for mobiles

Pack of Harrap Dictionaries for mobilesPACK OF HARRAP DICTIONARIES FOR MOBILES

Pack of Harrap Dictionaries for mobiles contains Harrap Shorter French dictionary developed by the maker of the most authoritative and prevalent dictionaries in the French-speaking worlds. The dictionary represents the fullest collection of up-to-date vocabulary in English and French languages, the accumulation of decades of editorial work and expertise and Harrap’””s extensive language databases have been used to guarantee thorough coverage of all areas of vocabulary. New 8th edition of Harrap Shorter French dictionary contains 88,000+ entries, 600,000+ words’ translations, 350,000+ references. Lexical database provided by Chambers Harrap Publishers LTD.
Boost your productivity with the rich-functional innovative dictionary engine from Paragon Software. Rapid access, precise translations, optional letter size, extremely low memory consumption and easy-to-use interface guarantee your comfort. You will find needed information 100 times faster than using a simple paper dictionary!
Harrap Shorter French Dictionary for mobiles includes the fullest and most detailed translation articles with usage samples, synonyms and antonyms, thorough extensive coverage of slang, colloquial usage, technical language, Internet terms and regional variants, including American, Scottish, Australian, Irish English and Canadian, Belgian and Swiss French. It contains 88 719 entries:
English-French dictionary – 46 264 entries
French-English dictionary – 42 455 entries
Pack of Harrap Dictionaries for moiles also includes 200+ notes give information about cultural topics, extensive treatment of colloquial and technical vocabulary, hundreds of usage notes give information about false friends and easily confused words, extensive French and English grammars. It is an excellent solution for advanced learners, especially at University level!

Outstanding features:
Find the base forms of the translated word in any grammatical form by using the built-in morphology function. For example, if you translate plural nouns and adjectives, different verb forms and so on.
Check the correct spelling of the word using the Variants of the word option. Choosing this option you are able to receive the nearest words to the translated word in alphabetical order. It will help you when you don’t exactly know how to spell the word you want to find.
Get quick access to last words you translated with the search method such as Search history. You will easily find last 20 words from the History at any time.
Study the language in the easiest and most effective way using the cross-lookup feature between different related articles. Choose any unfamiliar word in the translated article and you will instantly receive its translation and definition just by pressing the button on your phone.
Enjoy Harrap dictionary with convenient, friendly, specially designed for mobile phone dictionary user interface. Optional letter size and color markup are developed to set customer interface in accordance with your taste.
Install and use several language packs on your device at the same time and save memory on mobile phone using Pack of Harrap Dictionaries. It consumes only 64 KB as it is a client-server application.

Harrap dictionaries are compatible with all mobile phones supporting Java-technology (MIDP 2.0). To get word translation you should have enabled Internet connection on your mobile phone.
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