Pairtrade Finder

Pairtrade FinderPairtrade Finder will help you find & analyse potential pair trades. You can add stocks from the NYSE, NASDAQ & ASX exchanges and analyse your pairs throughout the day of after the market has closed. The program is designed to be easy & simple to use, yet powerful in its analysis and will give you buy and sell signals during the day or end of day. With one click, you can find out which stocks have good correlations and have generated significant profits using the included buy & sell signals. You can go back through your favourite pairs and see the signals generated and the results.
You will have mastered the program within 1 hour as it’s simple yet highly effective to use. In trading the more simple things are, the more likely you will be successful. The program automatically downloads data for your stocks without you having to download it, use a 3rd party program or even pay for it. You have correlation, volatility, ratio, RSI & spread charts to aide you in your analysis of potential trades.
Some of the features included are :
Buy and sell signals automatically generated
Back testing based on the buy & sell signals
Free data automatically loaded into the program when you open it
Ability to analyse stocks from New York & Sydney intra-day and end of day
Automatically add stocks & scan for correlations
Automatically find suitable pairs to trade based on correlation & profit generated
Ability to group stocks for easy reference
5 different types of charts to add to your analysis capability
Portfolio management system to track your trades
User definable settings
Export trades to excel
Full online support
User manual
Layman’s Guide to Pair Trading
Once only license fee, no ongoing costs or data fees*.
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