Panageos (Plane Analitic Geometry Problem Solver)

Panageos (Plane Analitic Geometry Problem Solver)PANAGEOS .- level: Advanced ; language: English Plane Analytic Geometry Problem Solver, is for the user who already knows the subject and wants to verify his/hers solutions, or for the teacher or student who needs to solve hundreds of problems in a very short time. Teachers may use this software to quicky prepare clases and also to propose problems for homeworks and exams. Studens may use this software to solve homeworks in a very short time while understanding what they are doing. Multiple keyboard-input modes. Reads and interprets equations supplied by the user. Not recommended for beginers. Panageos is intuitively easy to use. No manuals needed. You may appreciate this software in: Operating System: Windows. Minimum requirements: Windows 95, Processor: Pentium I, RAM: 8 Mb, Hard Disk Space: 2 MB, Mouse, Video: 256 SVGA card .
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