ParaCraftParacraft is a free movie making tool for everyone.
The vision: “Everyone should make a movie in its life!”
Create 3D scenes, models, actors in an immersive blocky world.
Make animations, movies, interactive stories at real time.
Learn programming.
Download now to view hundreds of movies created by our users.
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Summary: real time, Paracraft

Concepts: Film, Persistence of vision, Actor, Zoetrope, Computer animation, Post-production, Universe

/art and entertainment/movies and tv/movies
/technology and computing/programming languages
/technology and computing/software/graphics software

Tags: immersive blocky world, real time, free movie, Learn programming, interactive stories, computing/programming languages/technology, computing/software/graphics software, /art, Zoetrope, vision, movies, Post-production, Persistence, actors, hundreds, scenes, Paracraft, tool, life, rdquo, models, animations, Download, users.Summary, ParacraftConcepts, Film, Actor, animation

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