PATools File Manager (3 year license) for Excel 2000 or later

PATools File Manager (3 year license) for Excel 2000 or laterThe PATools File Manager is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel® software which has been designed to help you work with files ‘en masse’ from within Excel. You can quickly and easily build large numbers of folder names using standard Excel formulas, and then create those folders in one sweep. You can also use the power of Excel formulas to copy, move or rename files and/or folders very quickly. There are tools to help you list folder contents or grab a file name quickly, plus some handy built-in functions to help you manipulate file/folder names easily. When combined with the PATools File Lister you can very quickly analyse and organise all your files and folders. To use the software you simply highlight your selected cells containing file and/or folder names, select your options and click ‘Run’. You can see more in the Help file here. And that’s it! Try it out for free now, and buy securely on-line with license details by return email.
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