PDF-ScannerPDF-Scanner is a utlity that checks PDF-documents for empty pages and removes them. Especially big documents, created by scanning of folders on automatic scanners in doubleside mode, most backsides of the original documents are empty. That results in PDF-files with a lot of empty pages and makes looking at them e.g with Adobe-Reader to an anoying work. Moreover, some models of scanners turn the backside of the originals upside down. Do you like to make exercises looking at your documents? PDF-Scanner checks all selected documents for empty pages and can turn upside-down pages. The check for empty pages works with a pixel-related algorithm who may be changed by the user. PDF-Scanner may be started in batch mode by any scheduler and a configuration file. This is useful to check whole PDF-directories. Moreover, you can select if you want to overwrite the original PDFs or create new ones. GhostScript isn’t needed anymore in the actual version.
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