PDF Server (Unlimited Production License)

PDF Server (Unlimited Production License)The PDF Server Unlimited Production License is a robust, command-line driven server tool that converts PostScript, EPS and Windows Metafiles into the PDF format. Unlike many PDF solutions, the Fly Batch PDF Server does not simply rasterize files, the equivalent of a digital photocopy. If the input is scalable, it will generate scalable, vector PDF files which can be displayed or printed without degradation on any size device. It does not require any print drivers or external programs such as GhostScript or Acrobat Distiller to run so it is exceptionally fast. Use it to transform graphics, forms and other content. Intelligent configuration options give a high degree of flexibility over the resulting conversion. The PDF Server is ideal for automating document workflows or any batch conversion task. The Unlimited Production License is priced per server and imposes no limitations on conversion volume. For small scale projects, consider the Limited Production License. Commercial applications require OEM licensing. An SDK is available.
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