PDF Writer – Personal License (Win)

PDF Writer - Personal License (Win)AceThinker PDF Writer is a one-stop solution packed with nice functions for editing, combining, splitting and re-organizing your PDF files. It grants you the capability to expedite the process on editing contents including texts, images, lines, hyperlinks and more. You are able to perform desired editing over your documents just like working with Office Word. And if you are collating the files, you may facilitate the options of split, combine, insert pages, rename page number and others to organize the pages. Furthermore, if you prefer to personalize your files, there are also handy functions for you to apply watermark or background for your own documents, too. When you finish revising your document, there will be options for you to set password to protect your files. In this way, you could deliver the file to people with your authorization, no worrying about exposing confidential contents to others. Whenever you decide to remove the security protection, you can do so in this editor tool at any time you want.
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