pdf2AutoCAD Plug-in

pdf2AutoCAD Plug-inThe pdf2AutoCAD App opens PDF files for editing within AutoCAD and other Autodesk programs. It’s not just another PDF Viewer or Underlay! It’s more. Certified and available via the Autodesk Exchange Store or directly from Visual Integrity, the pdf2AutoCAD plug-in unlocks PDF drawings with one step. Once installed, you access the app via command line or from a toolbar icon. pdf2AutoCAD will immediately open any vector PDF file created using save, export or print-to-file on a computer. All objects can be modified. Text will be editable as MTEXT as long as it was stored as characters in the original PDF file. If it was “plotted” as pen strokes, the text will appear but can not be edited. The pdf2AutoCAD plug-in is not for scanned drawings and other raster PDF file. The PDF Underlay feature in AutoCAD can be used for these files. The pdf2AutoCAD plug-in opens one page PDF files. For multipage conversions, support for layers, custom rotation and other advanced options, consider purchasing pdf2cad.
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