pdf2cad Pro CL (Server License)

pdf2cad Pro CL (Server License)pdf2cad Pro CL Server is a robust, command-line driven server that converts vector PDF files into editable CAD objects using the two most popular exchange formats – DXF and HPGL. Conversions can be performed directly on the command line, integrated in scripts using technologies such as ASP or Java, or invoked by a watch directory to instantly convert PDF-files when they appear in a folder. Intelligent Filter Options give a high degree of flexibility over the resulting conversion. Entire PDF files can be converted or just selected pages. pdf2image Pro Server is tuned and optimized to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. pdf2cad Pro Server is initially licensed for a maximum of three servers running Windows 2000/2003/2008, Linux or Mac OS X server class systems. The licensing levels are based on annual throughput. For use beyond these specifications, or for use on UNIX platforms, please refer to the CAD Server. pdf2cad Pro is not licensed for commercial use. SDK available.
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