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pdf2picture - French versionpdf2picture is a handy and inexpensive application that transforms PDF into the native Microsoft graphics formats. It operates in either vector or bitmap mode. Choose vector mode (WMF/EMF) to extract editable graphic objects and text which and then modify them in Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio and other Windows applications. Bitmap mode generates high-fidelity images that you can insert into your documents or publish on your web-site. Its the only PDF graphics converter that you will need. Try it free for 30-days!
pdf2picture operates on any PDF file you receive. In no time, you’ll be including PDF illustrations or charts in PowerPoint presentations or modifying floor plans in Visio. You’ll save time previously spent manually redrawing these pictures. pdf2picture will quickly and accurately convert your PDF files into the native Microsoft picture format (WMF) so you can edit both the objects and the text.
The key to successful use of PDF in Windows applications is to know what type of file you have. There are two basic types  vector and raster, or bitmap. In vector mode, pdf2picture can extract the text and objects for further modification. In bitmap mode, it will transform both vector and raster PDF files into high-fidelity images to spice up your documents and presentations.
With pdf2picture, you’ll add an invaluable tool to your work environment. Using it, you’ll be able to convert any PDF file that you receive into the most ideal format for Microsoft Office and other popular applications.
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