pdf2picture Pro CL (Desktop License)

pdf2picture Pro CL (Desktop License)pdf2picture Pro CL is an inexpensive command-line solution ideal for small-scale automation projects. It is set up quickly and easily yet is powered by the same powerful engine that drives our enterprise server products. It has been optimized for speed and high-volume capacity at the desktop server level as it powers the delivery of vector (WMF) and image files to web sites, content management systems and server applications. Transforms your PDF files automatically into WMF, JPEG, GIF and PNG. Conversion options are highly configurable. Generate thumbnails, selectively convert pages, adjust size, resolution and orientation. The Desktop License is priced per CPU and includes conversion of up to 10,000 files per year. A server version of pdf2picture Pro CL is also available. Requirements beyond this require an upgrade to Fly Batch. Commercial applications require OEM licensing. An SDK is available.
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