pdf2tiff Pro SDK w/ 50 Runtimes or 3 Server Licenses

pdf2tiff Pro SDK w/ 50 Runtimes or 3 Server LicensesThe pdf2tiff Pro SDKis optimized to generate high fidelity TIFF images from PDF input. The streamlined API requires just two calls to the engine and a customized conversion profile (.ini). Intelligent configuration options give a high degree of flexibility over the resulting conversion. Control size, quality, resolution, cropping and more in the easy to edit .ini file. Entire files can be converted or just selected pages. Ideal for automating document workflows or other batch conversion task. The pdf2tiff Pro SDK is ideal for transforming content into archive images. It is easily integrated via a DLL enabling its use in virtually any programming environment including Visual Basic, C/C++, Paradox, Delphi, ASP, .NET and more. It is licensed per application or project. It includes 50 end-user runtimes or the right to run the resulting process on up to three limited production servers each supporting conversion of up to 10,000 files per year. It is expandable to 250 runtime users or 5 LPL’s. For redistribution beyond these limits, refer to FLY SDK. The SDK is available for Microsoft Windows as a DLL and on Mac OS X, Linux, Sun, HP and IBM UNIX operating systems as a Command-line interface.
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