Periodis Expert EN Single Computer

Periodis Expert EN Single ComputerEuratlas Periodis Expert is a database and a historical atlas of Europe with editing functions. It describes the political status of Europe, North Africa and Near East at fixed intervals, from year 1 until year 2000.
Stress is put on the precise drawing of territories at one exact instant defined by fixed length intervals, that is the first day of each centennial year.

Euratlas Periodis Expert offers the following possibilities:
1) Navigate over the maps of Europe through space and time.
2) Explore the countries and towns of a specific century.
3) Search a country, province or town in the current map or throughout the 21 available centuries.
4) Print or export default maps of one or several centuries.
5) Create customized maps by changing the text of the labels and their placement.
With Euratlas Periodis Expert Single Computer License, you can make maps, for personal use only, from the data incorporated herein, by choosing some settings (mountains, rivers, geographic areas, subdivisions) or by changing parameters, like adding or changing place names (see the User’s Guide). You may print these maps for personal use only.
You shall not distribute or disseminate the maps incorporated in Euratlas Periodis Expert, on any medium whatsoever, on non-digital media or on digital media.
At no time is commercial use authorized
You may not reproduce or distribute the Software or any part of it in any form. Except that you may make one backup copy.
You shall install and use Euratlas Periodis Expert on a single computer only. You may not transfer this data product or store the data in any electronic network.

E-mail shipping
You will receive, after payment, a download link valid for 24 hours with login, password and serial number.

Physical shipping
If you choose this option, you will receive, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of Euratlas Periodis Expert by post. Physical shipping costs are 12 euros for all countries.
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