PhotoFit Harmony

PhotoFit HarmonyTEKMATE PhotoFit Harmony
Tekmate PhotoFit Harmony is a high performance stitching software, which comes equipped with high precision multi-column and multi-row stitching ability, automatic focal length detection, automatic distortion cancel, perfect perspective correction, and many projection types as Linear, Panorama, Ultra-Wide-Linear and Fisheye.
In addition, PhotoFit has easy-to-use interfaces. That are, Image File Finder, non-click thumbnail viewer, drag and drop stitching, PhotoFit Manager and others.You may simply take overlapped photographs using your digital camera, then you may get a whole panorama image that has wider view angle and has larger pixels!
Outstanding features
Horizontal panoramas, Vertical panoramas and Whole panoramas (two dimensional, both column and row).
Panorama view (cylindrical), Linear view (flat) and Fisheye view.
Our original Ultra Wide Linear view.
Auto-stitching or D&D-stitching selectable.
Full automatic focal length detection—no lens data file, nor manual input.
Anti-distortion algorithm makes straight line straight.
Easy and exact perspective correction provides you the best quality of output image.
Tripod is not required. Auto aligning with tilted or rotated images.
It can render an extremely large picture, up to one hundred million pixels or more.
Stitch & Stick! You can make big signboard by printing separately and pasting.
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