Physics Virtual Laboratory, PVL (Institutional version)

Physics Virtual Laboratory, PVL (Institutional version)Physics Virtual Lab, PVL (Language: English; Level: from high school to graduate university) This software for Computer Assisted Teaching and Learning is a set of (at least) 180 audio visual interactive simulators based on Mathematical Models (not animated cartoons), dealing with Mechanics, Waves, Oscillations, Electricity, Magnetism, thermodynamics, Optics, Light Phenomena and some applications. This is a set of highly interactive simulators, Intuitively Easy To Use. No manuals needed. The user sets the data and the simulators visualize the experiment by executing the mathematical models. Whenever sound is applicable it is reproduced at will (like in the Doppler effect simulator) or automaticaly (like when the cannon shoots a bullet or two carts collide in the air track experiment). Stereo sounds. This software enables teachers/students to teach/learn general physics by working with detailed simulations of phenomena. Physics lovers will enjoy Physics with these simulators. Lab Guides are included, these are useful when executing research experiments. This software may be appreciated in the author’s web page: www.VirtualDynamics.Org
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