Pocket Outlook Mail Organizer

Pocket Outlook Mail OrganizerAs you know, Windows Mobile has an integrated email client called Pocket Outlook. It is fairly functional and meets the needs of the majority of users. However, it still lacks some useful features of its ‘big brother’. Specifically, there is not sorting into folders. In fact, there are two problems with it. The first problem is that it’s uncomfortable to read your email if messages are stored in a single folder. The second one is that the messages deleted from your PDA are automatically deleted from the server and will no longer be accessible from a desktop computer. The opposite is correct as well – if a message is received on a desktop system and then deleted, if will be deleted from the PDA as well, even if it hasn’t been read yet. Pocket Outlook Mail Organizer solves this problem, too – after sorting, messages are moved to corresponding folders and are not automatically deleted. Outlook users will appreciate the ability to create appointments and tasks directly from incoming messages.
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