Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML “CONSTRAINSYSMLENGLBuch”

Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML "CONSTRAINSYSMLENGLBuch"This book is your key to learning all of the relevant things you need to know about the practical use of Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and Systems Engineering for mechatronic systems. It introduces you to the Control Chain approach for describing hardware/ software systems on a logical level. With this methodology you can describe Hardware and software components as a comprehensive functional assembly.
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Summary: Systems Modeling Language, software systems, Systems Engineering

Concepts: Software engineering, Systems engineering, Systems Modeling Language, Unified Modeling Language, Systems science, Modeling language, SysML

/technology and computing/software
/technology and computing

Tags: Systems Modeling Language, Control Chain approach, comprehensive functional assembly.Summary, Unified Modeling Language, hardware/ software systems, systems engineering, mechatronic systems, relevant things, logical level, software components, Systems EngineeringConcepts, Systems science, Software engineering

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