Presentation Server

Presentation ServerWhat is Presentation Server?
Presentation Server is a software to remotelly run and control MS PowerPoint presentation from PC, notebook or any mobile device with JavaScript capable browser. This is useful when you use multimedia projector or large LCD screen in conference or meeting room. Presentation Server provides Web interface to control MS PowerPoint. The user may upload and start presentation. The server provides slide thumbnails to navigate to any slide in one click.
Windows XP or later
MS Powerpoint from Office 2003 or later(Office 2007 recommended)
No need to plug in/out video cables
No need to setup resolution and inputs of projector or monitor, all setup actions shoould be made only once
No need to plug any cables when you use WiFi
No need to setup windows networking to upload presentation
Restrict user access by password
Each user can access only his/her presentations
Users may upload their presentations while somebody making presentation at the same time
Only admin or owner can stop current presentation
Presenter can navigate through slides using thumbnails
Auditory see only slides that presenter wants to show
Several interface languages
Easy setup – single EXE file
Quick Start:
Install program.
Use "Start\Programs\Presentation Server\Start Presentation Server" to start server.
Start browser and enter "" as address. You should see login page.
You may call Server Control Window by clicking icon in system tray. This windows also provides urls to access the server.
Use login: admin, password: admin to login to the server.
Go to settings and change admin password. Add users.
Upload and start your presentation.
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