Printfil – Personal Edition

Printfil - Personal EditionThis software allows character based applications to print to any Windows printer, including USB, network printers, faxmodems and PDF writers, even if it is a Dos/Windows application or a Unix/Linux app. running on a Windows PC via telnet, without changes to the original applications.
You can set your application to print to an ascii file, or you can have Printfil capturing a parallel port output, automatically redirecting your print jobs to any printer, even if a printer is phisically connected to the captured port.
In addition, it will allows you to:
preview printing
include logos or other images stored in separate files
colorize the text
print A4 landscape sheets instead of printing on dot-matrix 136-column printers
print to USB, GDI, Windows-only and Virtual printers installed on the Windows Control Panel
send the print jobs via fax (using any third-party fax software acting like a printer – i.e. Microsoft Fax – or a multifunction – all-in-one – printer)
print to networked printers without having to "NET USE" a LPT port
use special fonts (barcodes, for instance) as well as normal characters
exporting the print jobs in PDF format, with or without user intervention
use your own, single set of escape sequences for ALL the printers, regardless of supported emulation (or no emulation at all, as for Virtual and Windows-only printers)
and other interesting features.
All this without changes to your applications.
If you are developing host based applications (like Unix) and the clients are using them with a Windows Terminal Emulator, you can stop to fight with transparent-print characters and different settings for different printers. All you need is a shared file system (NFS, SCO-VisionFS, Samba and others) where to store output for your print jobs and PRINTFIL.
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