Private Session 4 IE

Private Session 4 IESurfing the internet offers some surprises – and not only pleasant ones ! Even careful surfers end up on aggressive pages via harmless links. And already there are addresses within the history and the favourites that nobody ever wanted. If those are embarrassing pages, what are we to do ? An internet trace destroyer is needed. But many trace destroyers delete everything. Think about it : Most surf traces are useful ! They facilitate navigation and accelerate page build-up considerably. And a completely trace-free computer is also suspicious. This program has another concept. A "private session" doesn’t leave any traces of the pages visited during the session. Start a "private session" whenever you doubt whether the next page is trustworthy. End the "private session" when you return to safe waters. All resulting traces will be removed – without complicated set-ups. By defining the start and end of a "private session" you avoid the deletion of useful traces not resulting from a "private session". Also, aggressive pages get no opportunity to change your start page. If you wish, ending the program will also terminate the internet connection. This will save online costs. Of course, there is also the possibility to eliminate traces individually, e.g. chosen traces of last week. A file shredder completes the program. Just drag and drop the respective files from the windows explorer to the program.
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