Proceedings – LpS 2011

Proceedings - LpS 2011SESSION I – LED TECHNOLOGIES I Kilo-Lumen Warm White LED Development for Illumination by Decai Sun, Danielle Chamberlin, Grigoriy Basin & Joey Pardo Product Development, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company Silicon-Based Wafer-Level Packaging for Cost Reduction of High Brightness LEDs by Thomas Uhrmann, Thorsten Matthias & Paul Lindner, EV Group High-Efficency LED Technologies Combining Semiconductors and Phosphors by Thomas Zabel, e:lumix LED Technologie GmbH SESSION II – LED TECHNOLOGIES I Selection and Optimization of LED Component Platforms by Mitch Sayers, Cree Europe GmbH Optimization of Mixed White Light Color Rendering by Ku Chin Lin, Kun Shan University, Department of Mechanical Engineering The Impact of Phosphor Properties on the Light Quality of White LEDs by Christian Sommer, Joanneum Research SESSION III – OPTICAL COMPONENTS Improved Optical Designs for Cost-Effective High Quality LED Lighting Systems by Luca Meneghetti, Khatod Optoelectronic S.r.l. The Impact of Fluctuations in Plastic Optical Elements in LED Lamps and Luminaires by Christian Véron, Zett Optics GmbH A Guide to Using Free-Form Optics for LED Lighting Systems by Andrew Dennington, Polymer Optics Ltd. Tailored Optics for LED Luminaires – From Mass Production to Low Volume by Angelika Hofmann & Stephan Malkmus, OEC AG SESSION IV – ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Off-Line Driver Technologies for Compact and Robust LED Controllers by Francesco Ferrazza, ST Microelectronics, Lighting & Converter BU Spectral Tuning for White LED-Based Luminaires by Alfred Hesener, Fairchild Semiconductor GmbH Design Considerations for LED Power-Supplies by Paul Fleming, Mean Well Europe B.V. Advanced Copper/FR4 Circuit Board Technologies for LED Lighting Systems by Stefan Hörth, Häusermann GmbH SESSION V – MEASUREMENT, TESTING & MANUFACTURING Metrology of White Light LEDs by Peter Läpple, Instrument Systems Optische Messtechnik GmbH Calibration and Quality Control of High-Quality Multi-Color LED Lighting Solutions by Juergen P. Wießhaar, opsira GmbH Measuring AC Thermal Impedance of LEDs and Assessment of LM80 Test Results by András Poppe et al., Mentor Graphics MAD MicReD Division & Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Electron Devices 3D LED Component Assembly Enables New Product Design by Marcel Freiermuth, essemtec AG SESSION VI – LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS Overview and Evolution of LED Lighting Systems by Stephane Vasse, Tridonic GmbH & Co KG High-Intensity Optical LED Multiplexer by Uri Neta State-of-the-Art Equipment for LED Research by Jörg Baumgart, Hochschule Ravensburg Weingarten SESSION VII – STANDARDIZATION & RELIABILITY CIE and the Strategy to SSL-Standardization – Bringing Stakeholders Together by Martina Paul, International Commission on Illumination (CIE) Challenge of Standards and Norms for White LED Systems by Stelian Matei, Electromagnetica SA, Semiconductor Lighting Centre Selection of LEDs for Different Applications Ensuring Quality and Reliability by Reinhard Pusch, RoodMicrotec Stuttgart GmbH POSTERS Optical Deflection System to Provide Even Circular Light Distribution Using a Spot Light Source by Hans W. Diesing, DEL-KO GmbH – BIOLEDEX® Solar LED Lights – Investigations and Tests by Norbert Pfanner et al., World Bank WB Group & Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE Concept, Construction and Analysis of a Sun-Simulator Using LEDs by Kathrin Ernst & Miriam Marti, Kantonsschule Zofingen; Fabian Pianezzi & Julian Perrenoud, Empa – Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology Mirror Type Variable Optical System of LED Module for Street Lighting Luminaires by G. Szarvas, L. Domján, A. Sághy, A. Molnár & Sz. Kautny, Optimal Optik Ltd. From a Technology Driven to an Application Driven Industry: Using LED Arrays Instead of Single LEDs by Uwe Hock, Sharp Microelectronics Europe Buck Converter Base LED Current Source – Application Design for Best Performance by Fulvio Lissoni & Massimiliano Merisio, STMicroelectronics Thermal Interface Materials and Substrates for LED Thermal Management by Justin Kolbe & Sanjay Misra, The Bergquist Company Subjective Visual Impression of Illumination Quality from white LED Operated by Current-Sources Having Different Modulation by Markus Mayrhofer, Tridonic GmbH & Co KG, Guido Kempter & Walter Ritter, University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg On Translucent LuAG:Pr and LuAG:Pr,Ce Phosphor Ceramics by Julian Plewa & Thomas Juestel, Muenster University of Applied Sciences
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