Process Priority Observer

Process Priority ObserverProcess Priority Observer boosts the agility and responsiveness of a Windows Operating Systems when running multiple applications.
On a single desktop for example you can run multiple applications (backup, CD-burning, video encoding) consuming many CPU resources in the background. At this moment other application, you are trying to run, are typically very unresponsive, because the CPU resources are exhausted. Process Priority Observer dynamically adjusts priorities at which an application gets CPU times. This means for example your video encoding application gets dynamically a lower priority as soon as it consumes CPU time. If there is no application which requests CPU time at the moment, your video encoding application can still run on full speed regardless of the changed priority. If you run now an application which needs CPU time, it gets immedially scheduled because of its higher priority. Your PC is much more responsive. Whenever your video encoding application has finished or uses less CPU for certain time, its priority will be automatically increased step by step back to its original value.
In Terminal Server environments (server based computing), where multible users are working with multible application on one Microsoft Windows Server at the same time, Process Priority Server can show at its best. Process Priority Observer manages priorities of all running application dynamically and fully automated. All users running terminal sessions will immediately recognize the more snappier behavior and responsivness of their applications. Administrators can easily run scheduled task during work hours without interferring user sessions.
The best news are, that there is no complicated configuration in Process Priority Observer. After installation, which is a 5 seconds task, Process Priority Observer will do its job. It is implemented as reliably Windows Service with nearly no overhead and zero administrative effort.
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