QSL – studio 2011

QSL - studio 2011Program is intended for amateur radio. Is a visual designer QSL-cards and labels.
Application features
Ability to create colorful QSL-cards or stickers of any size;
The presence of the grid with variable pitch;
Integrated collection of images (clip art) amateur category;
Scaling during development
Print on one sheet of a few QSL-cards or labels;
Saving the QSL-cards in the form of drawings in various formats;
Ability to skip the "landing" site QSL-cards and stickers with the specified number (for example, when printing on standard sheets of labels);
Set interval between labels;
Print QSL-cards numbers (labels);
Scaling when printing;
The presence of a repository for storing previously created components for their reuse;
The presence of the component list for quick access to them;
Print the completed QSL-cards from ADIF-file or on the basis of QSO manually entered;
Print the completed QSL-cards based on the print queue UR5EQF Log;
Print the completed QSL-cards based on the print queue HRD Logbook 5.0 or later version;
Print the completed QSL-cards based on the print queue AALog later version 3.0;
Prepare to print QSO including: editing, sorting through the territories of DXCC and other attributes;
Print QSO from ADIF-file;
Quick start printing cards and labels;
The ability to use the command line to directly run the Printing Wizard.
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