Quality Manual for Education and Training

Quality Manual for Education and TrainingOur pre-written ISO 9001 compliant quality manual for education and training satisfies ISO 9001:2008 requirements and includes 25 associated procedures, 30 forms, and an implementation plan template, which you customize specifically for your needs. With increased pressure for educational institutions to reduce costs, implementation of an effective management system can mean the difference between success and failure. Although ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, was initially applied to the manufacturing and service industries, it can be equally as effective when applied to education and training activities. If we consider addressing the educational needs of students as just another form of service, then managing an educational institution as if it were a service business makes sense. The process management approach of ISO 9001 will yield excellent results, as each process will be managed for optimum performance. In any business, customer satisfaction should be the main focus, and so it should be in educational institutions. The direct customers are the students, but indirectly they can be parents of the students, the state which provides funding to the institution, and even the students’ country because education, training, and skill development contributes to the national economy. The following organizations will benefit from an ISO 9001 quality management system: Schools, Colleges and Universities, Providers of training services (i.e., seminars, videos, on site and on-line courses, etc.). Your organization does not need to be ISO 9001 certified to benefit from this system. Compliance with the requirements of the standard is all that you will need to achieve.
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