QuestioBuilderXAbout QuestioBuilderX
Qbx is a software application for the comprehensive design and management of data collection surveys based on questionnaires. It works with a simple PC and does not require specific skills. QuestiobuilderX is user-friendly, flexible and complete, so no additional software is needed. Data can be acquired using an optical reading system and a classic scanner. The database created by the system has full network shareability, enabling all offices involved to access it in a rapid and secure manner.

QuestiobuilderX may be used in a number of settings:

Student assessment
Used in test-based learning assessment processes, this software identifies the subject or topic in which students are weakest, and creates an assessment database for the ongoing monitoring of school performance.

Services assessment
QuestiobuilderX is the ideal tool for handling surveys and polls conducted among students, teachers and parents. Assessment of staff training and updating courses. It enables assessment of the effectiveness of training schemes and the achievement of stated objectives.

Public Relations offices
Surveys and polls of all kinds – from customer satisfaction to monitoring citizens’ needs – are made simpler and more complete by using QuestiobuilderX.

Statistical offices
Thanks to our system, reading, filing and processing the data collected through traditional statistical survey questionnaires is no longer a problem. Equallystraight-forward is setting up a data bank relating to the territory covered by each office.

HR offices
HR assessment and evaluation of training/updating courses, including creation of a skills database are just two of the possible applications of QuestiobuilderX to streamline and increase the efficiency of personnel management by Public Administration agencies.

Benefits offered by QuestiobuilderX
QuestiobuilderX swiftly delivers survey results, listing and indexing them so as to enable real time generation of priority listings, charts and statistical reports, as well as electronic data transmission.

How can I try the DEMO Version of this Software?
If you need to try our Software for free, just send an email request at: [email protected] and you’ll receive the access to Qbx.
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