RADIO AdsMan Pro (For Russia)

RADIO AdsMan Pro (For Russia)The advertising manager.
base of advertising cards with an individual characteristics on each;
automatic assembling advertising blocks from current advertising cards;
personal adjustments for each advertising block;
the built-in reports generator with еру report forms editing opportunity;
advertising cards which can include more than one file;
using of " the Announcer’s text " instead of a file;
a convenient grid for filling MediaPlan with the a free time of advertising blocks;
list of customers;
list of managers;
sections of cards allowing to use base for several radio stations;
groups of cards;
removal of unused cards in archive with an opportunity of restoration;
automatic card cost calculation depending on tariff plan for each advertising blocks;
the built-in file listening;
mini-base for file storage with personal adjustments;
search over mini-base;
full compatibility with RADIO Player Pro;
ready playlists export in various formats;
other functions…
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