Remote Dial for Snom Phones

Remote Dial for Snom PhonesRemote Dial for Snom VOIP Phones enables you to initiate phonecalls from your PC on your Snom VOIP Phone (1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 8xx) with a single keystroke without the need to manually enter phone numbers.
It does not matter, in which application or in which document, email or website a phone number is displayed. If you are able to copy&paste it then, your are able to use it for a direct phonecall with a single keystroke. All you have to do is, to select the phone number in any application, document, email or website on your PC, hit your predefined keyboard shortcut or key combination and your Snom Phone automatically dials the selected phone number. All this without the need of any server requirements like Asterisk or Office Communication Server.
You can define individually a global keyboard shortcut or key combination, which when pressed, immediately dials the phone number, which had been selected in any application, document, email or website before pressing the keyboard shortcut.
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