Residual Income Generating Package (MPR Super) License

Residual Income Generating Package (MPR Super) LicenseMPR
Market Place Rental Super
… a Virtual rental service Product that enables you to take monthly lease of internet Market Place with over 5 million products and rent out to unlimited number of people and earn recurring monthly income
By purchasing MPR Super License, you receive the right to rent out internet Market Place with over 5 million products to unlimited number of people and earn 100% of the monthly rental fees in addition to commission earning on sales generated for the products. Active leasers make up to incredible 3000% profit per month
What you will get in this product package:
You will get rental service package which will enable you to run automated rental of Internet Marketplace with over 5 million products. The Marketplace is ready stocked with assorted products.
What you will earn with this Internet Market Place Rental.
You will earn unlimited recurring monthly income. By purchasing this Premium License, you receive rental right to rent out to unlimited number of people and earn 100% recurring rental fees in addition to earning commission from sales leads generated for the products on your Marketplace. If for instance, you rent out to 100 persons, you earn $7,500 per month. When you increase to 1000 persons, you’re earning $75,000 per month; so on to no limit
Any assurance you will succeed.
With all probability, you will. Promotional tools are included in the package, you follow simple steps and list your rental service on sites that will generate auto pilot subscription for you and the product support will run as long as you are in the service
Product Description Multilingual web platform
Admin Panel Product feed from multiple merchants Searchable product database Quick-sale and special offer section Integrated online payment processing
Promotional blogging package Promotion tools Ticket based support 100% earning of commission paid by Advertisers Affiliate management interface PayPal payment account integration Access to sell on multiple sites
Requirements The Internet Market Rental platform is hosted on Top Level Domain. You just subscribe, log in, click appropriate button to generate your Internet Market portal and list on recommended sites as contained in the user guide to start running your Rental service and start earning revenue
Price information The quoted purchase price for this product represents the monthly lease fee and you will renew every month as you will also earn same amount from each of the 100s or 1000s of your subscribers per month. On purchase, you will receive link in email to set up your account and begin to run
Refund Policy This is a digital product which complies to the description given here . If you receive the product and it is not as described here, you should cancel within 24 hours of purchase and get your refund
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