Retail Management System

Retail Management SystemRetail Management System or RMS A Complete Solution for Retail Stores With Customer Support System, Financial Management System, Inventory control System Including Sales, Purchase, Bills Receivable and Payable, Income and Expense maintenance. RMS can be controlled with keyboard only, providing ease of Use. RMS is developed by considering all real time business transactions. It stores Customer Information so that it can be referred later on, that helps in Customer Support System. While performing any purchase or sales Transaction it automatically updates inventory and you can have current stock report.

Bills can be issued to customer from this software as soon as sale transaction is performed. RMS has the capability to generate its own 39 barcodes for the products that don’t have barcodes on them. The most important feature of RMS is its ability to backup/restore the database. Backup can be stored on any kind of media for retrieval with just a click of a button, in case reinstallation..

RMS automates Accounts Management, Stock Management, Customers, Public Relations, Customers and Suppliers Record Management, Bank Accounts Management and Reports Production.

Reports Production
1. Daily Income Report
2. Daily Expenditure Report
3. Monthly Income Report
4. Monthly Expenditure Report
5. Sales Payment Due Report
6. Purchase Payment Due Report
7. Sales Report
8. Purchase Report
9. Income Report for specified Date Range (From Date To Date)
10. Expenditure Report for specified Date Range (From Date To Date)
11. Ledger Report By Account Heads/Types
12. Ledger Report By Individual Account
13. Stock Report
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