Royal Server V1 (25 License Pack)

Royal Server V1 (25 License Pack)Royal Server is a plugin-based server product that enables Royal TS for Windows and for OS X to execute all kinds of administrative tasks. E.g. Managing Windows Services, processes, Windows Events, Hyper-V instances and Terminal Services. Additionally it includes a Secure Gatway component for automatic SSH tunneling/port forwarding from Royal TS/X.
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Summary: Royal Server, Windows, Terminal Services, OS X

Concepts: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Operating system, Daemon, X86, Management, Mac OS X, Windows Vista

/technology and computing/operating systems/windows
/technology and computing/operating systems/linux
/technology and computing/hardware/computer

Tags: plugin-based server product, SSH tunneling/port forwarding, E.g. Managing Windows, Secure Gatway component, Terminal Services, Royal Server, Royal TS, administrative tasks, Hyper-V instances, Windows Events, Microsoft Windows, Royal TS/X.Summary, Windows VistaCategories, OS XConcepts, Mac OS, Daemon, X86, kinds, processes, Linux, Operating, Management, /technology, systems/windows/technology

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