Royal TS V4 (Windows), Royal TSX V3 (macOS) and Royal Server V2 Personal Bundle

Royal TS V4 (Windows), Royal TSX V3 (macOS) and Royal Server V2 Personal BundleRoyal TS and Royal TSX is the premium remote management tool for server admins, system engineers and IT focused information workers. Besides Remote Desktop and Hyper-V management, Royal TS now also features easy access to terminals (SSH, Telnet, Serial Ports), web consoles, and many more connection types as well as central credential management and powerful task automation. The configuration files (.rtsx documents) you create with Royal TS or Royal TSX can be used on all platforms (Windows, macOS) including iOS and Android. Royal Server is a plugin-based server product that enables Royal TS for Windows and for macOS to execute all kinds of administrative tasks. E.g. Managing Windows Services, processes, Windows Events, Hyper-V instances and Terminal Services. Additionally it includes a Secure Gateway component for automatic SSH tunneling/port forwarding from Royal TS/X.
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