Royal TSX V3 (for macOS only) – Global License

Royal TSX V3 (for macOS only) - Global LicenseRoyal TSX is the premium management tool for server admins, system engineers and IT focused information workers using OS X. It features powerful connections management, a tabbed interface, credential management and a plugin system.
Royal TSX is compatible with Royal TS (for Windows), Royal TSi (for iOS) and Royal TSD (for Android).
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Summary: Royal TSX, iOS, Android, OS X., Windows

Concepts: Internet Explorer, Graphical user interface, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Operating system, Linux, X86, Tabbed document interface

/technology and computing/operating systems
/technology and computing/operating systems/windows
/technology and computing/operating systems/linux

Tags: Royal TSX, Tabbed document interfaceCategories, premium management tool, powerful connections management, Graphical user interface, OS X., tabbed interface, server admins, credential management, Royal TSD, Royal TSi, Royal TS, information workers, Internet Explorer, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, systems/technology, X86, plugin, engineers, WindowsConcepts, Operating, Linux, /technology

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