SA-6 MonitorPack Cloud & Support subscription

SA-6 MonitorPack Cloud & Support subscriptionMonitorPack Cloud & support information
Support details
MonitorPack support covers for one year unlimited technical interventions executed exclusively by TECK SYSTEM SOFT or through one of its authorized partners MonitorPack certified solutions. The support is prepaid and is performed by e-mail, by remote tools or by phone if necessary to follow you.
Purchase process
Once prepaid you will receive an e-mail of confirmation with an order number and a license key available for one year. This support license ID is registered by TECK SYSTEM SOFT in his customer’s database and will remain available for one year from your purchase date.
Subscription is not renewed automatically and will end after 12 months.
MonitorPack support covers any services executed exclusively by TECK SYSTEM SOFT directly or provided by one of its authorized partners MonitorPack certified solutions. MonitorPack services are performed by e-mail, by remote tools or by phone as necessary to assist you in the best manner. TECK SYSTEM SOFT can’t be held in any way responsible for any actions of third parties not expressly approved by TECK SYSTEM SOFT who have no legal authorization to act as official technical support on all MonitorPack products.
TECK SYSTEM SOFT guarantee its responsibility for his actions only when they are performed directly by its own engineers, technical architects and technicians as well as through authorized partners. List of partners will be provided on request form

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