SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server Enhanced

SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server EnhancedSNMP network manager – integration with SCADA and HMI using OPC and Web Services, OPC DA 3.0, 2.05,1.0, OPC XML DA, OPC AE 1.1 and 1.0, OPC UA, SNMPv2c, SNMPv1, ICMP ping. Auto Discover Networked Devices, MIB import on/off line, Import csv-files.
It has the following features :
from SNMP point of view, it acts as a Network Management System
implemented protocols SNMPv2c and SNMPv1
implemented specifications OPC DA (Data Access) 3.0, 2.05, 1.0, OPC AE (Alarms and Events) 1.10
the installation package contains OPC UA 1.01 wrapperthat brings the possibility to access all data from SAEAUT SNMP OPC server even via the latest OPC standard called Unified Architecture (UA)
the installation package contains OPC XML DA 1.01 wrapper which offers another way of communication with SAEAUT SNMP OPC server through Web Services
manages and monitors unlimited number of devices with SNMP agents **
the installation package contains a simple example of running DEMO configuration
ability to define tags by using the object identification (OID) from MIB file e.g.: .
supports standard SNMP commands GET and SET
built-in MIB Browser (on-line) sends requests to SNMP manageable devices to get SNMP variables which correspond to objects in MIB database, providing the user with object IDs, data types and values ***
built-in MIB Browser (off-line) for bwowsing SNMP variables from MIB files, provided with SNMP device ****
ability to manipulate the acquired data by using JScripts which can be configured directly in the SNMP OPC server *
IP Scanner module for scanning of computer network in a given IP range, in order to find connected SNMP devices *
allows to receive SNMP TRAP, notification message from SNMP Agents
logging of server events *
configuration can be done in an user friendly configuration software
allows to obtain information about manageable and unmanageable network devices through standard Ping command
provides the Heartbeat functionality for monitoring of devices which does not include SNMP Agents. This function presents a response time of device as a special OPC variable
Find tool, which allows you to search for a text within current configuration and immediately browse the occurences in user friendly views
contains examples of OPC clients together with source codes in C# .NET, VB. NET, VB6
Import from CSV files – reading OID and other information from CSV files
Running as Windows NT Service if required ****
* These modules are available only in Extended and Professional version.
** Basic version has limited number of the devices(15), which can be connected to the server.
*** Basic version includes MIB Browser but without possibility to add new items to configuration.
**** Available only in Professional version.
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Current version
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